Citizen Service Bidar

People come to the district level office with variety of grievances and most of the time people don't know whom to contact and how. Here is a bit of useful information.

The DC's office has many sections and different sections deals with different subjects.They include .

Administrative Section : Which deals with the matters relating to vacancies, appointments, pay & allowances, transfers & promotions, postings, retirements, CCA (Classification, Control & Appeals), Personal Deposit Accounts, Audit Reports, DC Diary and Business Statistics.

Revenue Section : This section deals with jamabandi, DCB (Demand Collection & Balance), Land Grants, Land Acquisition, Land Conversion, PTCL, Appeals, Land Reforms cases, Mines & Minerals and Regularisation of encroachments.

Election Section : This section deals with Election matters pertaining to Loksabha, Vidhansabha, Vidhanparishat, all local body elections such as Grama Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat, Municipalities, APMC, and other co-operative institutions.

Municipal Section : This section deals with all Municipal matters including service matters, progress made under various schemes like SJSRY (Swarna Jananthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana), IDSMT (Integrated Development of Small & Medium towns), Water supply schemes, Housing schemes and Slum Area Development.

Muzarai Section : This section deals with construction & renovation of Muzarai temples, appointment of Dharmadarshies and payments to Archaks' (Tasdik & annuity) salary, Aradhana Schemes.

Census Section : This section deals with census matters .

Judicial Section : This section deals with judicial matters such as Law & Order (Section 144 etc.,) issue of licenses for Arms and Ammunitions & Cinemas.

Miscellaneous Section : This section deals with NSAP, OAP, PHP, MPLAD and other Schemes. It also deals with meeting statistics, PWD works, issue of income and caste certificates, House Rent Control (HRC) and other miscellaneous matters of Revenue Department.

Board Categories of the Petitioners/Representations/Grievances received from the public relating to the subjects coming under administrative control of the Revenue Department and time limit prescribed within which such representations etc are to be disposed.

Sl No. Categorization of grievances/petitions Time limit for disposal.
1 Land disputes 45 days
2 Land grants/Darkhasts 45 days
3 Site allotment 21 days
4 Drought relief measures 15 days
5 Old age pension/PHP/DWP/MRP 15 days
6 Political Pension 30 days
7 Govt. loans 45 days
8 Allotment of houses 30 days
9 Delay and injustice in service matter. 60 days
10 Appointments on compassionate grounds/other grounds 60 days
11 Delay in sanction of pension/DCRG to retired Govt. servants and other claims 15 days
12 Grievances of stipendiary graduates 30 days
13 Grievances of Ex.Shahanubhos and Patils 30 days
14 Disbursement of compensation under Land Acquisition and other matters relating to lands acquisition 60 days
15 Matter relating to land reforms 30 days
16 Allotment of house sites to poor 30 days
17 Allegations against the Government Officers/ Officials 30 days
18 Natural calamities/flood/Fire/Scarcity 7 days
19 Release of land under K.L.R.Act 45 days
20 Urban land ceiling. 30 days
21 Matter relating to Irrigation. 30 days
22 Financial relief 45 days
23 Police protection 7 days
24 Waiver of Co.op. Societies loan. 30 days
25 Release of moveable and immovable properties under Debt Relief Act. 30 days
26 Drinking water facilities. 15 days
27 Rural Electrification matters. 45 days
28 Delay in supply of I. P. sets. 30 days
29 Loans through Banks. 30 days
30 Employment to unemployed. 60 days
31 Honorarium to Artists. 30 days
32 Rural Development Programmes subsidy/loan 30 days
33 Civil Amenities. 30 days
34 Loan to graduates for self employment. 30 days
35 Industrial loan 45 days
36 Reimbursement to SC/ST and minorities. 7 days
37 Public Distribution System of essential commodities. 15 days
38 Formation of Roads and Repairs to roads 45 days
39 Grievances of students 15 days
40 Construction and renovation temples. 60 days
41 Grievances of Political Sufferers 30 days
42 Grievances of teachers 30 days
43 Grievances of Slum Dwellers 30 days
44 Providing of transport facilities. 60 days
45 Land disputes/ survey and fixation of boundaries of lands etc. 60 days
46 Financial assistance to weaker Section 30 days
47 Panchayat matters to weaker section 30 days
48 Janata Houses to weaker sections. 30 days
49 H. R.C. to weaker sections 30 days
50 Rehabilitation of Refugees 30 days
51 Issue of Certificates Caste/Income/heir-ship etc. 5 days
52 Change of entries/issue of certified copies of village records etc. 5 days