DC Office

The Deputy Commissioner is the officer in charge of a district. The Assistant Commissioner is placed in charge of a sub-division. The head of the taluk is designated ‘Tahsildar’. Each circle will be in charge of a Revenue Inspector and in a village or in a group of villages there will be a Village Accountant.

Deputy Commissioner’s office

  • Land Revenue Section
  1. Appeals against changes in Record of Rights
  2. Appeals against various other orders of the lower Revenue authorities
  3. Re-granting Inam lands since Inams are abolished
  4. Restoration of Record of Rights
  5. Recommending to Government for grant of land to institutions
  6. Recommending to Government for permission to sell granted land
  7. Recommending to Government for permission to buy agricultural land by institutions
  8. Grant of Government land to other Government departments
  9. Land Acquisition
  10. Conversions of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes
  11. Confirmation of lease grants
  12. Issue of no objection certificate/report for grant of minor minerals
  • Magisterial Section
  1. Grant of Arms License
  2. Sanction of relief to victims of natural calamities
  3. Managing the implementation of the (1) housing programme in urban areas; the MP Local Area Development Programme; the Calamity relief public works; Drinking water scarcity relief works
  4. Implementation of the provisions of the Bonded Labour Systems (Abolition) Act
  5. Licensing of Cinema theatres
  6. Licensing of trade in fire crackers and explosives
  7. Licensing of storage places for Petroleum products
  8. Exercising the Magisterial powers of the Deputy Commissioner under various provisions of law
  9. Implementation of National Social Assistance programmes
  10. Implementation of Vikasini Scheme
  11. Implementation of Adhara scheme
  12. Sanction of relief to the victims of hit and run motor accident cases
  13. Distribution of House sites to site less persons in urban and rural areas.
  14. Recommending to government for sanction of honorarium to the freedom fighters, and sanction of family pension to the wives of freedom fighters.
  15. Issue of bus passes to freedom fighters.
  16. Issue of identity cards to physically handicapped persons.
  17. Making protocol arrangements and giving hospitality to VIP’s and VVIP visitors to district.
  • Establishment Section – Personnel Management in the District Revenue Unit (DRU)
  1. Sanction of increments, leave, promotion, traveling allowances and training of the personnel
  2. Disciplinary proceedings against the personnel of the department
  3. Transfers and deputations of the personnel of the department
  4. Census
  5. Audit of expenditure by the District Revenue Unit (DRU)
  6. Finance and Budget of the offices of the DRU
  7. Maintenance of all Vehicles in the offices of the DRU
  8. Compassionate appointments
  9. Allotment of regularised D.W. employed against vacancies in other departments. (group C and D)
  10. Maintenance of performance reports of group ‘C’ employed in DRU
  11. GPF sanctions
  • Municipal Section – Managing the offices of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in the District
  1.  Approval of plans of the ULBs for 10 Finance Commission,
    SJSRY, IDSMT, SFC, N.R.C.P, HUDCO and other schemes
  2. Sanction of leave, promotion, increment etc. of the personnel of the ULBs.
  3.  Audit and inspection of the ULBs
  4. Approval to works of the ULBs under the above schemes
  5. Declaration of urban slums
  6. Conduct of National Festivals
  • Religious and Charitable Institutions Section ( MUZRAI)
  1.   Approval of the annual budget of the institutions
  2. Sanction and payment of the annual tasdeek to these institutions
  3. Appointment and removal of archakas
  4. Appointment of the Dharmadarshi Committees
  5. Approval of works of the institutions
  6. Approval of auctions etc. conducted by the institutions
  7. Management of the personnel of these institutions
  8. Management of the implementation of the Aradhana scheme
  9. Recommending to the Commissioner of HR & C institutions for sanction various development works
  10.  Dealing of establishment matters belonging to the Muzrai section
  11. Conducting the annual jatras of Muzrai Institutions.
  • Elections Section  
  1. Conduct of Elections to the Parliament, the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council, Zilla Panchayat, Taluk Panchayats, Grama (Village) Panchayats, ULBs and any other election
  2. Publication of District Tender Bulletin
  • Food and Civil Supplies
  1. Issue of Ration cards to consumers. Saffron, green and yellow  cards are issued
  2. Issue of license to fair price shops (FPS)
  3. Distribution of essential commodities to consumers through FPS
  4. Issue of license for wholesale food grain shops, rice mills, jaggery making units, etc.