Organisation Chart

The ‘Village’ constitutes the basic administrative unit in the Revenue Department. It is a local area which is recognised as in the land records as a village for purposes of revenue administration. The state is divided into divisions and divisions into districts. The districts comprise taluks, each taluk consisting of Hoblis and each Hobli comprising of Villages. Within a district, One or more taluks form a revenue sub-division. Bidar District is made up of 2 such sub-divisions namely Bidar and Basavakalyan. The 8 taluks in Bidar come under these sub-divisions in the following way:

Sub Divisions and Talukas
Sub Division Talukas

1. Bidar

2. Aurad

3. Kamalnagar



2. Hulsur

3. Humnabad

4. Chitaguppa

5. Bhalki

Talukas and Villages
Sl No Taluk Total Villages
1 Aurad 95
2 Basavakalyan 97
3 Bhalki 133
4 Bidar 151
5 Homnabad 50
6 Kamalnagar 54
7 Chitguppa 37
8 Hulsur 18
  Total 635