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Karanja Dam

karanja Irrigation Project is located near Byalhalli village in Bhalki taluk of Bidar district across Karanja River, a tributary of river Manjra, in Godavari basin. It has Canals on both right and left banks. Total length of RBC is 131 km and that of LBC is 31 km. The project envisages irrigation to an area of 29227 hectare (CCA) in Bhalki and Bidar taluks from its two canals on right and left banks and foreshore and offshore lift irrigation schems.

Papnash Shiva Temple at Bidar

As per the local traditional saying, the Shiva Linga idol in this temple is one of those installed by Shri RAM during the time of his journey back from Lanka. The location of the temple in a valley is mesmerizing to the eyes. Every year at the time of Shivrathri festival lot of tourists visit this place. A natural spring flows into a pond in front of the temple which is called ‘Papnasha’

Guru Nank Jhira, Bidar

Gurudwara Bidar is one of Holiest Place for Sikhs. Every Year this place attracts lots of tourists from all parts of the country particularly during the months of November and March. Legend has it that Saint Guru Nanak visited the palce while the land was in the grip of a famine The Guru performed a miracle at the request of the locals and a spring of water from the laterite rock mountain burst out. Till this day crystal clear water flows from the laterite trap.The belief is that drinking of this water cures many ailments.

Anubhava Mantapa

Anubhava Mantapa was the first parliament in history of mankind. Prabhudeva, a great Yogi of extraordinary achievement, was the president and Lord Basava acted as the prime minister. Channabasava can be compared to the speaker while at the same time working as the editor, and compiler of Vachana literature.Members of the Mantapa and followers of the religion were given full freedom of thought, speech and action. They were allowed to put any questions or doubts to get them cleared in front of the congregation and a systematic program was launched to record and to preserve the dialogues that were going on in the House. 

Mailar Mallanna Temple

Sri Mailar Mallanna Temple is dedicated to the god Khandoba, another form of Lord Shiva. This avatar of Lord Shiva is classically known as Martanda Bhairava and popularly known as Khandoba among many other names. Martanda Bhairava is described as shining like the gold and sun, covered in turmeric, three-eyed, with a crescent moon on his forehead. The main priest of this temple belongs to Kurubas community.

Papnash Shiva Temple Bidar
Papnash Shiva Temple

Papnash Temple is a Shiva Temple situated in Bidar district, Karnataka. It is believed that the idol of the temple…

Bidar Fort Entrance
Bidar Fort

Bidar Fort is situated in Bidar city of the northern plateau of Karnataka, India. The fort, the city and the…

Guru Nanak Jhira
Guru Nank Jhira, Bidar

Gurudwara Bidar is one of Holiest Place for Sikhs. Every Year this place attracts lots of tourists from all parts…