Places of Interest

Guru Nank Jhira, Bidar

Gurudwara Bidar is one of Holiest Place for Sikhs. Every Year this place attracts lots of tourists from all parts of the country particularly during the months of November and March. Legend has it that Saint Guru Nanak visited the palce while the land was in the grip of a famine The Guru performed a miracle at the request of the locals and a spring of water from the laterite rock mountain burst out. Till this day crystal clear water flows from the laterite trap.The belief is that drinking of this water cures many ailments.

Papnash Shiva Temple at Bidar

As per the local traditional saying, the Shiva Linga idol in this temple is one of those installed by Shri RAM during the time of his journey back from Lanka. The location of the temple in a valley is mesmerizing to the eyes. Every year at the time of Shivrathri festival lot of tourists visit this place. A natural spring flows into a pond in front of the temple which is called ‘Papnasha’

Narshimha Jhira Water Cave Temple

At this place the Powerful deity as per the belief here is situated in cave of nearly 300 meters. One has to wade through water up to chest height to have darshan of the diety. It will be thrilling experience with bats and owls sitting on the roof top of cave but they will not do any harm to the devotees. In the year 1999 with efforts of an young IAS Officer Mr. M Maheswar Rao who was working as Assistant Commissioner and was in charge of this temple committee got the cave Air conditioned and Electrified.

Deva Deva Vana

An Eco Tourism center 6 KM away from Bidar town on Bidar – Hyderabad highway. It is spread over an area of about 3 sq. km. This is part of Shahpur Reserve forest, developed as eco-tourist spot. This park contains various flora and fauna grouped with devotional names like Panchavativana, Ashoka vana, Rashi vana(Zodiac), Navagraha vana etc. It is a suitable place for picnic. People can come here in holidays with their friends and families and enjoy this palc3e.  Children’s entertainment area is designed in the form of water slides, colorful slides and swings.

Veerbhadreshewar Jatra’s at Humnabad & Changlare

Two very ancient temples of Lord Veerbhadreshwara in Humnabad Taluk one at Humnabad and one at Changlara village attract lakhs of tourists in the Month of January and November respectively for the yearly Jatra and cart pulling Mohotsav’s. The temple at Humnabad constructed in 1725 is famous for its moving pillar.

Manik Prabhu Temple at Humnabad

It attracts lots of tourists in the Month of December at the time of Annual Celebrations. On the same ocassion every year a Night long Classical Musical function will be held and till now the likes of Bhimsen Joshi, Zakir hussain and many others have come here for this annual jatra mahotsav

Kalyana Chalukya Temple Jalasangvi

Jalasangvi is an ancient village near Humnabad in Bidar district. Jalasangvi was the capital of King Virata and Pandava brothers are believed to have spent time here during their exile. It was built during King Vikramaditya the sixth, a prominent Chalukya Emperor. Outer walls of Kalyana Chalukya Temple in Jalasąngvi features beautiful sculptures, including several representations of ‘shilabalikes’ (carvings of female dancers) in various dancing postures, complete with ornaments. Sculpture of a lady depicted as inscribing a Sanskrit epigraph in Kannada characters describing Emperor Vikramadiya. Sculptures of Jalasângvi are believed to have inspired sculptures at Beluru and Halebeedu temples. 

Chidambara Aashram, Shri Siddharudha Math, (Gumpa) Bidar

Chidambara Aashram, Shri Siddharudha Math, (Gumpa) is built in the year 1986 by Shri Shivkumar Swamiji. There are 12 Jyothirlingas on both the sides Shri Siddharudha statue. This is temple located at Manahalli Road, Bidar. This is also known as Gumpa. During last three decades Shri Siddharudha Math (Gumpa) has became the center of Religious, Educational and Social activities. Shri Shivkumar Swamiji delivers Pravachana in the month of July (Shravana masa), Navarathri, & Every Sunday Evening. Lots of devoties has the spiritual thrust in them. A visitor/devotees who visits holy places in bidar, if any devotee not visit this temple his yatra becomes incomplete. Every year lots of devotees from all parts of the India visits to celebrate Sadguru Siddharudha & Shivakumar Mahaswamiji Jayanti. This is Celebrated particularly in the month of November.